Waking up to find out that the Nightmare has become reality! (Again!)

My heart feels cold. Never has four years seemed soo long. “How bad can it get!?!” Truth is, I don’t wanto know the answer to that question..
I am woman with two degrees in Politics and I must admit that I have somehow felt ensured that the world is ticking along, things are improving, slowly. Better rights for woman, minorities, homosexuals, recently agreed international environmental agreements, free and fair elections etc..
Though, these last 5 months have shown how these rights and improvements, that has been gained trough hard work and fighting, can so easily be stripped away! Taken back, just like that! We are seeing that in the UK, here in Brasil and now, USA.
As much as it makes my heart stone cold a little voice asked me this morning, ” what are you doing actively in defending these rights..?” And the true answer is, nothing.
Cause perhaps this is nothing but a massive WAKE UP call! That these rights can’t be taken for granted but the fighting never ends..?
“It’s the end of the world as we know it!” has been played on repeat by my flatmate here in the house. Sadly, I can’t think of a better soundtrack for the mood today. But what about tomorrow? I know one thing, that even if a lot of ppl voted for that Mr T – guy, there were a hell lot of people who DIDNT! And there are so many people out there who feel scare and sad and upset today, and perhaps, this is a realization that we can’t rest as peacefully in the believe that what we have achieved is permanent, but that we have to keep fighting and we have to Unite the people who believes in progress and equal rights and who wish to see a more peaceful and environmental friendly world, rather then the opposite! Right now, I have no idea, no idea how this should be done, but all I know is that the only way I can ease that pain in my heart is to turn towards Hope and look at what I can do.
Darkness, I’ve read, can never go away, but the light can be bigger. So somehow we need to look for the light and focus on that, try to make it expand.. I don’t know how right now, but never have I felt so strongly that we have to stick together in this one, unity for humanity! Let me sleep upon it..! 😉 #GodBlessUs!15037301_10154715614070701_2333162019523143525_n


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