Capoeira Videozinhos!


Did you like my capoeira videozinho (small capoeira video?) For someone who didn’t know ANYTHING about filming, editing or directing (and DESPERATELY non-technological!) , I don’t think these videos are too bad (and if they inspire anyone to do it better, I would be pleased!  :).

The music is traditional capoeira songs, where I have written new lyrics. I thought it would be great to share the songs with the capoeira world if anyone would like to sing these songs – or feel inspired to also write new contemporary words and have a go at making a small video out of it.  Below are the links to the finished videos on YouTube, and one more is still in editing! Check them out if you wish!  Aproveita! / Enjoy!
Bem vindo pra roda ;

Quem te ensinou a nadar?

Quem te ensinou a nadar Directors Cut


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