Publications in Yeah Brasil and Revista News Brasil.


Would you like to improve your Portuguese? Or am curious to see what I have published before? Check out the links below!

The first articles are bout my research on the social and economic legacy in Brazil hosting two sport mega events, the Fifa World Cup 2014 and IOC Summer Olympic Games 2016, published in 2013.

Number 1: About the common social and economic legacies of Sport Mega Events, and motivations for countries to host the events.

Number 2. About forced evictions, a commonly occurring breach of law around Sport Mega Events.  

Number 3. About economic interests and predictions for the outcome of the events.

In 2015 I published an article about capoeira and the view on capoeira by a foreigner. The front cover  of the magazine is my photo with the amazing capoeira and yoga instructor Madeira in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

In 2016 I wrote two articles about the Pacification  Police in Rio de Janeiro and my impressions of working as a volunteer in Rio’s favelas.

Here you can access Yeah! Brasil with my article about working as a volunteer in Rio’s favelor.

Enjoy! Aproveitar!



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