The sound of a heartbeat..

Silence leads to ♥

This sign used to greet me, in a yoga studio where I trained, which twice a week organised a sort of disco, without alcohol, without blinking lights, without shoes, without the possibility to even chat to anyone else!

Imagine a DJ, playing AMAZING tunes, a dance floor FULL of people, dancing themselves sweaty to the tunes from the pumping music. Just that,

it is in a yoga studio, without walls, the garden and beautiful surroundings nearly peeping in through the open sides of the studio, giving a much-needed fresh breeze to the dancers.And no one speaks to another, just dance.

Also noteworthy, is the time-table for these discos, Friday evening between 7-8.30 pm and Sunday mornings, 11-12.30.

Me who LOVES to dance, must say, that in comparison to all the clubs where I have danced in Dublin, Edinburgh and Stockholm, all the festivals in Europe and the carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, in comparison, these discos in the yoga studio were, bloody damn AWESOME!!! 🙂 Felt like each and everyone in there put their heart and soul into the dancing, and took the opportunity to express themselves through the body, without using words, just body expression, from the heart through the body!

One of my best friends in Rio de Janeiro, thought this was the weirdest thing he ever heard about when I told him about these dances! “Dancing!? Without alcohol, and no shoes..? Without being allowed TALKING to anyone?? At 10.30 in the morning..? Hmm..”

Well, despite the usual gadgets of shoes on the feet, and a drink in the hand, the energy was just amazing at these dances, people dancing their ass off, to the tunes and feeding of  the energy from the others for some amazing dancing. Perhaps also, the rule against talking, made people tune inwards instead, and express their feelings through the body and not through words..?

I reckon, sometimes, we need to be silent, in order to be able to listen to the very low voice inside of us, the whispers from the heart, and the soul..

It is exactly a month ago since I left my house and home in my much beloved Rio de Janeiro. I have spent a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL month of seeing my family, reuniting with dear friends in Stockholm, Dublin and Edinburgh! I feel sooo blessed for all these wonderful people in my life and for the opportunity of being able to reunite with all of them!!!

..yet, there is a part of me, which is starting to long,

for silence..

I have talked and talked, and listened and listened and hugged my friends, and talked and listened, but a part of me, start to miss the silence.. of no voices, of no words, of just turning inwards, to

tune in

and listen to those low low whispers, from the heart and the soul.

Being on the road, traveling to visit people, means you leave all your routines behind, and emerge yourself in the possibility of endless socialization.

What I start to long for are my routines, how in my daily life had my secret spots and small moments, close to each day, when I managed to tune out from the daily routine, to tune in.. to listen inwards, or to just, sit in silence, being in silence. It is not always the heart and soul whispers, and that is fine too, I love and cherish those moments of complete silence, as much as those times when the heart and soul speaks up.

A month ago, I packed up my home in Santa Teresa, and yesterday I started to repack my bags for my next adventure, in Bali..

Right now,

in between.

Floating in between the closure of an era, and the start of a new adventure.

Right now, floating in between, taking a moment, to stop, and take stock of my friends and family. Soaking up the love and their energies, refilling my battery for the next adventure.

However, travelling is a curious thing.. This moment, of closure and new beginnings, physically I am in Sweden, yet, my mind, tend to travel by itself, floating back and forth between what I just left behind and what is to come.

This time, it is going fine, much better than how confusing I have found it in the past, when it seems like the time it takes to travel for the body is so much faster than the mind and soul.

My sister said that years ago;

“There surely should be some physics equation that proofs that the body travel faster than the mind and soul!”

Surely it should be!

I found myself thinking after about a week in Sweden;

“Now I reckon I am here to 80%! Nah..! 70%!” with that, I meant, that I noticed as soon as I was not consciously in conversation with someone, it was like my mind slipped away, to a resting place, back to where I had been, thinking of the daily life there. It was like it is so much to take in when you travel, even if I was back home, there are so many new impression to the mind, that when I had a quiet moment, it would slip away to the familiar.. to the light, the faces, the people, and also, starting to dream about and plan for the next adventure. As soon as I was not conscious that I was in Sweden, it was like I was not there at all, traveled away with the mind.

I have had another experience in the past when my body was in one place, but the mind seemed to have been lost on the flight, still stuck in the place where the body used to be. And that, I must admit, was not a nice experience, but rather stressful, though the mind and body seemed to be in different places.

To resolve that, I suppose time always help for the mind and body to get use to where it is,

but also,


Perhaps I should have practiced a bit more of silence in those moments, to listen to the soul and heart, and to pull it back into the body.

Right now, I am, in Sweden. Still, my minds slip back to the past and dream about the future. However, only another week of preparations and seeing my friends and family before the next take off. As much as I will miss being around them, I am longing for a routine again, where I make space for


In order to be, in order to breathe, in order to listen.

Perhaps they nailed it there at the yoga studio, that silence leads to

Maybe, that is true..

Thank you for listening,

Yours sincerely




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