Is it the end, or, a new beginning? – In transit.. Thoughts from above, in between..

How do we describe our experiences, of a trip, of a life?

Do we send a postcard, recall the weather, the temperature and the beauty of the beaches?

Or do we go back home and show the pictures!? Endless slide shows of mountains climbed and exotic butterflies and birds?

Being in transit, leaving experiences of a lifetime behind, travelling towards a new beginning of some sort. Notes written down on my phone as we were departure from Denpasar towards Europe across the oceans. How can I describe it? How can I explain it?

I can’t.

But here are some thoughts from in between, in transit.

Where one thing end, a new will begin.

“The only thing that has been constant, is the change.
And the breath
Always coming back to the breath

Yoga every morning!
Bicycle rides every morning!
Meditation every morning!
Until, it all change again..

Tuning in to the body, to feel what it needs, what is required to maintain the flow as long as possible..
The poring and floods of words that has came through me
Where did it all come from? I wonder sometimes
Perhaps it was always there?
Waiting patiently for me to
Sit down
And tune in
Now was certainly the time.. so it seems..

And back to the breath

Always, back to the breath

The magic of Ubud where all has come up                                                                                   All has come out                                                                                                                                   Shake it out!
Cry it out!!
Dance it out!
Sweat it out!!
Write it out!!!
Living in the most amazing, beautiful, alternative, hippie community where heart opening exercises, chakra talks and big smiles seem to be a given not a strange, and shoes are left by the door. Or at home.

Dancing bare feet on wooden floors
Dancing bare feet in the moist soil
Muddy and dusty feet, are happy feet!
Dancing under the stars, dancing under coconut trees, dancing in the rain! Dancing until, my body was too tired to move
Standing still, up right on the dance floor, still enjoying the movements around me, thinking to myself
” I am dancing in my mind!”

My skin can still recall the rain drops over my body, when sweat and rain merged into one..
How could I ever have forgotten how much I love to truly dance?

“Dance until you are free!” Someone said
“Dance, because you are free..!” I thought..
The freedom when the mind goes quiet, finally, and the moves, the body and the breath takes control. Letting the body lead the way.

“Lead with your heart, not with your head!” the upsetting queue from my yoga teacher, lessons learnt, and finally, could be true, in the wirlworle on a dance floor. Mind quiet. Body in charge.

And back to the breath

And back to my desk.
Remembering, why you are here,
After all
In love with that desk, and in love with the feeling of when the words were unstoppable.
Where they all came from, who can tell..

Manifesting your dreams, living your dreams! It all gets blurred up in between green rice fields and a beautiful desk where I am ALLOWED to sit down and, just write!

Dreams and reality merge into one in this place where the stars seem to be a little bit closer and the spirits of Bali seem to listen to your prayers,
Keep believing, keep praying , and here in Ubud, it seems like it is all coming..! Sometimes faster than you think!
“The time between manifesting and realization is so short in Bali!” – that note sat on my desk in Rio de Janeiro for a year, and it still held true this time around upon my return to Ubud.

All the beautiful, golden moments, how can I describe..?
The green lush garden, the sunshine,  the coconut trees, the magical yoga studio, the indescribable 9 Angels,  my desk.. Oh my desk..!
I will bring the memories with me, the colors, the smells,the words spoken, always from now on,
Within me

And all the moments, in between..
Where all there were, was the sunlight, and the breath
The beauty beyond words..

So many people to thank, so many people I would like to hug forever!
The gratitude filling my heart
Over flowing my heart!
So many mornings that I woke up, within the feeling of gratitude, for this beautiful  house where I was living,
Resting peacefully at night and spending hours by the wooden desk during the days.

Starting each morning on my porch, with my coffee, my cup and my breath..

Ubud, Bali, and all the beautiful friends I have made, I cannot even start to explain how I feel about leaving and about the time we have spent together!
Above all, love!
And gratitude!
So much gratitude for the time I got to spend in Ubud surrounded by so much love, and beautiful people
Inside out

Cannot even say my good byes..

One thing is certain, if it is true love, it is never good bye
Only, Thank you so much for the time that we shared. You know that in my heart, I loved every moment of it and I already,
looking forward to the next time!

I raise my cup and toast for all that has been and all that is to come!

The words from that song, that I heard in the yoga studio in Bali years earlier, ringing in  my ears.. suddenly they seem more true than ever before,

“This is not the end of me
This is, the beginning”

The best is still to come.
Thank you
Thank you!!
Thank you


Yours Sincerely

Sofia Sunden


2017-06-01 08.41.45

I raise my beloved cup of coffee, since here I have ditched alcohol, and toast for all that has been and all that is waiting me.

The best is still to come!

Namaste, gratitude and Love!


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