How do you write a Love Poem, on Demand?

How do you write a love poem?

Which ideally is not pretentious nor cheesy, just nice, and it should be about someone you known your whole life – a family member, to be performed in public! In four weeks!

Those were the criteria when my brother and his (now) wife asked me to write a text to be read at their wedding, two years ago this week, 15th of August 2015. They were gathering friends and family for a whole weekend of fun and frolic, wedding ceremony, dinner, barbeque and party at the Beckeshof mansion outside of Stockholm.


was my response!

But of course, I wanted to take on the challenge! So after some interviews with them separately, and reading poems and music lyrics and thinking thinking thinking this is what came out!

If you know Erik and Fia and their story together, you can see that the text is filled with small references to them and their life. But it is also inevitably about me…

Any text you write from your heart will always, inevitably be about your self at some level..! Hence, why it felt so nerve-racking to having to read it all aloud in front of the crowd, knowing it was not entirely about the couple that was getting married…

My legs were slightly trembling and so were my papers, when I had to perform the poem at the wedding ceremony in front of the gathered guests. Thus, all went well, even though the wind was pulling in the papers and my dress, and when it was done I could sit down and shed a tear or two over the beautiful moment when I saw my baby- brother and his fiance become One! First time crying at a wedding, but this time, it was impossible to keep the tears back! It was a stunning ceremony held outside, with the lake as a backdrop, on a peninsula just behind the main house. The wedding couple had arrived in a rowing boat, my brother rowing his bride to shore and already there I was so touched by the moment and the beautiful music playing in the background that tears were filling my eyes.

The wedding was truly amazing! It was a beautiful afternoon and a very very fun weekend!  Even though I was a little nervous, I was really grateful for the honor of being trusted with the task of composing a text for their wedding! This week they have been married two years, so in honor of them and in memory of an amazing weekend, here comes again first in Swedish, followed by my own free translation into English    När du och jag blev Vi / When you and I, became Us

Hurrah for the two of you!


Till Sofia och Erik, 15 Augusti

När du och jag blev Vi

De flesta ögonblick passerar oss obemärkt förbi.

Ögonblick binds samman till pärlband av stunder som bildar timmar, dagar, som omärkt försvinner förbi och lämnar efter sig endast spår av minnen.

Så finns det andra stunder, då tiden tycks stanna upp,  jorden slutar att snurra, allt håller andan,

och sen,

blir ingenting någonsin som förr.

Ett hjärta som slutar att slå, ett löfte som bryts, eller en ny  människa som fötts

För mig, tycktes världen stanna upp, i det ögonblicket ,

då det stod klart, all tvivel var borta,

att du och jag,

blivit Vi.


Och sen dess,

är ingenting någonsin som förr.


Du och jag,

Vi har redan delat mycket tid tillsammans,

vardag och fest.

Vi har bestigit berg och tagit oss igenom dalgångar.

Med dig, vid min sida, blir äventyren roligare, utmaningarna lättare och vardagen vackrare

Ditt leende och omtanke lyser upp min dag och din glädje värmer mig,

Varje dag.

I allt det vi delat, vardag och fest, motgångar och medvind, så ryms även de små ögonblicken.

De som för andra blinkar obetydligt förbi, men stannat för alltid hos mig.

Din hand som rör vid mitt hår, dina läppar mot min nacke, din värmande blick,

Det är de små ögonblicken,  som jag bär med mig,

som lyser upp mina dagar , gör vardagen vackrare..

Det är de små stunderna jag vill forsätta att dela med dig,

nu och för alltid.

De små flyktiga ögonblicken, som obetydligt blinkar förbi,

en sekund i tidsrymden,

som en droppe i havet!

Men, just som en droppe i havet kan synas obetydlig,

så rymmer varje droppe havet,

på samma sätt, så rymmer dessa flyktiga stunder, all min kärlek för dig.


För mig blir världen aldrig den samma igen, sedan det ögonblicket, då jag visste,

att du och jag,

blivit Vi


English Version To Sofia och Erik, 15 August 

When you and I, became Us

Most moments pass us by unnoticed.

Seconds join together, like a string of beads, to become moments, hours, days,                 which disappears unnoticed and leave behind only vague traces of memories.

Then there are other moments, when time ceases to exist, the earth stops spinning, everything holds the breath for a second,

and then,

nothing is ever the same again.


A heart that stops beating, a promise which is broken, or a new human born.

To me, the world seemed to stop, in that moment,

When it was clear, all doubt was gone,

That you and me,

Had become Us


And since then,

Nothing will ever be the same again.


You and I,

We have shared a lot of time together,

The ordinary days and festive seasons.

We have climbed mountains and gone through valleys.

With you, by my side, the adventures become more enjoyable, the challenges easier and every day, more beautiful.

Your smile and warm care light up my day and your happiness is mine and brightens up my day.


In all that we have shared and faced together, it is yet the small moments that I cherries the highest

Those moments which may to others, pass by unnoticed, those I  have collected, like pearls on a string,  and carry with me.

Your hand touching my hair, your lips against my neck, your warming gaze,

It’s the little moments that I carry with me,

That lights up my days, makes every day more beautiful …

It’s these small moments I want to continue to share with you,

For now and forever.

To someone else, those moments might pass by quick, seemingly insignificant like a drop in the ocean,

but just like each drop,

contains the sea

just the same way, is each of those moments full of all my love for you.


To me, the world is never the same again, ever since that moment, when I knew,

That You and Me,

Had become Us




High five to marriage and being a married man! 




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  1. Så jättebra och underbart skrivet! Strålande!

    Skickat från min iPhone

    18 aug. 2017 kl. 17:48 skrev Yours sincerely <>:

    sundensofia posted: “How do you write a love poem? Which ideally is not pretentious nor cheesy, just nice, and it should be about someone you known your whole life – a family member, to be performed in public! In four weeks! Those were the criteria when my brother and his (“


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