Hi and Welcome!

This hand written note is sitting by my desk, to remind myself, that every day we have a choice to create an incredible life for ourselves. Which indeed, looks different for each and everyone of us. But no matter what it means to different people, there is no accident, no magic spell..  We create our life for ourselves. I remind myself of that, remind myself to be brave, to create a life that I find Incredible.

My name is Sofia , I live in Rio de Janeiro since 2013. If it was my passion for capoeira that brought me to Brazil in the first place, it was the love for Rio de Janeiro, my work in two NGOs and the people that I met here, that made me stay. And to come back over and over and over again. Since moving here in 2013 I have been working on my research project about the social  and economic impacts from the World Cup and Olympic Games in Brazil, as well as teaching Swedish, English and capoeira for children. With a background working with politics for the Scottish Government, the Council of the EU and the UNDP, here I have partly been able to use these skills, as well as find work far from my academic field. Rio has taught me two main things; to take what you got and create something out of it and that Everything is possible! Even the seemingly impossible..

Writing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember; stacks of boxes of my diaries are filling up my parents loft and fully scrawled notebooks are everywhere in my room. Since 6 years old, I have been sitting up all night writing my diaries, writing letters to my best friends (and still do!), participating in creative writing camps and writing groups all through university and beyond. In my teens, I was a writer for the literature magazine ponton (http://ponton.nu/) during three years, and since 2013, I am a regular contributor to Revista News Brazil (https://issuu.com/newsbrazil) and Yeah Brasil (http://yeahbrasil.com/).

Writing is so natural to me that I tend to forget that I do it, all the time! If I didn’t write I would probably suffocate and it amazes me sometimes that not all people write daily (what do other people do with all those thoughts spinning in the head..?) Though, I tent to keep all of this for myself. Until Now!

Recently I felt it’s time to start sharing  what I write, and therefore I have created this blog and website for a place where I can share with you what I write, and some previous work I have done.

This is a place where my heart can speak up. Through my hand.

As much as I like to talk, it seem as though my heart speaks much easier through my hand, than through my throat.

So this will be the place where my heart can speak up. I am not quite sure where that will take us. But I believe it will be an experience! Feel welcome to join me on this journey!

Thank you for checking in and feel more than Welcome to check out my blog and the other bits of pieces that I have published before.  Welcome!

Yours Sincerely

Sofia Sunden